Festival Genomics

About the Festival

What is a "Festival" when it comes to genomics?

It's the most inclusive, innovatively educational genomics event out there. More than that, it's the largest FREE-TO-ATTEND genomics meeting.

Here are our Festival values:

  • Inclusivity and Accessibility. For our Festivals to deliver the maximum benefits for patients, it’s important that as many people as possible can attend. We’ve worked hard to develop different passes that allow you to access a range of brilliant content for free, or to upgrade for more in-depth and interactive learning experiences. 
  • Incredible Value. The success of our Festivals largely relies on breaking the age-old notion that ‘you get what you pay for’. We aim to create the most valuable spend of your time.
  • Educational. We create educational experiences for people who are both brand new to the genomics field, and those who are imbedded in the field. 
  • Choice. If you only get to attend one event each year, we want you to choose ours. At the Festival, you’ll have many ways of spending your time. That includes multiple tracks, a ‘live lab’lively exhibition showcasing new technology, a poster zone and much, much more.


  • Inspirational and Fun. There’s no doubt that we want you to leave the Festival with new ideas, new contacts and tangible lessons that will transform the way you work for the better. BUT, we want to inspire you, and help you have fun, along the way.


Break down this year's Festival for me ...

The Festival is made up of multiple great exciting parts; keynote sessions, topic specific tracks, a buzzing exhibition floor and more to be announced. All this is now over the two days of the Festival (June 26th and 27th).


Is it for me?


The Festival is for everyone interested in the future of health and medicine. Sign up for your Free Festival Pass today. You'll leave the Festival with new perspectives, great connections and having found your place in genomics community. .


Why San Diego?

We have three Festivals each year. London (our home town, and home to the 100,000 Genomes Project), Boston (one of the major genomic hubs), and San Diego (establishing itself as the genomic tech capital of the world).

As a hub of technological innovation, creativity and excellence in transformational healthcare, San Diego was a natural addition to our events series (FoG London, FoG Boston).

To discover more about this year’s Festival, explore the site.


What is Front Line Genomics?



The Festival of Genomics is organized by Front Line Genomics Ltd.

A response to a need. Genomics is special in that it pulls together different stakeholders and areas of expertise. This brings its own set of challenges. Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to see healthcare evolve and become personal, but we don’t have the ability to make advances on our own. The part we play is getting your amazing ideas out there so they can come to fruition, gain support, and inspire the next wave of progress. We do that through our series of Festivals, and the free to access Front Line Genomics Magazine and web portal www.frontlinegenomics.com.

A note from the Front Line Genomics Founder:

In 2009 I lost my father to mesothelioma, a rare form of cancer commonly caused by exposure to asbestos. Looking for answers, I started to read about growing evidence that a person’s genetic makeup can increase susceptibility to mesothelioma. That got me interested in the potential of translational genomics in both healthcare and society. It also got me thinking about the role I could play in accelerating the impact of genomic knowledge on people’s lives.

I developed an idea for an events and media business that puts the genomics community, and indirectly, the patient, at the very heart of its decision making processes. An organization that helps deliver the benefits of genomics right to the ‘front line’ of healthcare as quickly as possible. At the centre of this idea is that our products would be accessible to the entire genomics community. I spoke to countless people in the genomics community to refine the concept. Front Line Genomics launched on September 1st, 2014.

Front Line Genomics is very different to a typical events or media company. By working day-to-day with experienced genomics professionals, and focusing 100% on genomics, we sit very much within the genomics community. We prioritize patients, and we work with the genomics community to get the benefits of genomics to patients faster. Our role is to support everyone associated with genomic science and technology in their on-going endeavour to improve the lives of patients, and society in general.