Festival Genomics


What did people think of the 2016 Festival?

Don't just take our word for it, this is what some people has to say;

"I have a huge appreciation for the atmosphere of the event having participated in the inaugural Festival of Genomics in Boston, and think it’s a great opportunity for sparking collaborations that are so important to those of us tasked with translating genetics findings into new therapies."


“It is pretty evident that the Festival is the most forward-thinking genetics/genomics festival out there and I am incredibly excited to share ideas with such a tremendous list of presenters and attendees.”


"When I saw the lineup and the spirit of the first of Festival of Genomics, I knew that it was going to be somehow different from existing conferences. I attended and had a great experience. I came back to Cincinnati Children’s more energized." 

Cincinnati Children's Hospital

“I’ve been told that this is the place to hear the latest research and innovation technology in genomics. The atmosphere is very cooperative and the science cutting edge. I want to be part of it!”

Epizyme, Inc

 "As scientists we are delighted and have a duty to present and share our work with our community. The festival is an excellent way to interact with our friends and colleagues, both in academia and industry, a gateway to disseminate and learn about new ideas and approaches, and an opportunity to explore new breakthroughs and collaborations. We all work in the exciting field of genomics and it is a pleasure and a privilege to be part of this great community!"

Duke University Adjunct

 "A big part of my role at Illumina centers around expanding education and increasing awareness of clinical genomics, particularly through our Understand Your Genome programs.  It’s fantastic to see events like this festival that share these goals and are working to reach genetics providers, including genetic counselors, to offer an innovative approach to education."

UCSF Medical Center

"FOG brings together various stakeholders in the field of genomics in an open, accessible setting that encourages interaction, connection and cross-fertilization of ideas."

University of California, San Diego

"I’ve participated in the Festival before, and found it was a fantastic forum for the dissemination of exciting genomic science to both the research and industry communities."

Salk Institute for Biological Studies

"The festival is a unique take on collaboration and discussion across the genomics field. I’m excited to network and interact on a larger scale than at other conferences."

Illumina, Inc.

"This is the first time I will be attending the Festival and judging from the program and participants at previous editions, this is clearly an event with one of the most impressive cast of scientists, genome biologists, and clinical genomicists under one roof."

The Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

"The festival is a great place to celebrate the mysteries of the genome."

Depts of Surgery(Division of Transplantation) and Pediatrics University of Pennsylvania

"In a field where technology developers, bioinformaticians, clinicians, and researchers are working in tandem to realize the vision of precision medicine – this is one of the only venues where by design, all are in attendance." 

Institute of Translational Genomics University of Southern California