Festival Genomics


Highlights from Festival of Genomics 2015

Plenary Day 1:

Understanding the human microbiome & implications for health & disease
Karen E. Nelson, President, J. Craig Venter Institute

Human genomic diversity & its implications for health & reconstructing human history
Carlos Bustamante, Professor of Genetics,
School of Medicine Stanford University 

Discovery In millions of genomes
Deniz Kural, CEO, 
Seven Bridges Genomics

Plenary Day 2:

Ultraconserved elements: a 300 million year old puzzle & its potential for medicine
Ting Wu, Professor, Harvard Medical School

Exploring the human microbiome: a new frontier that might affect everything
George Weinstock, Professor and Associate Director, Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine

Enabling personalized medicine through systems genomics
Manolis Kellis, Head, MIT Computational Biology Group

Panel Discussion Day 1:

Genomic Data: Challenges and Opportunities

Chair: Nages Bani Asadi, Founder & CEO, Bina Technologies

Rong Chen, Director of Clinical Genomics Information, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Matt Brauer, Senior Bioinformatician, Genetech

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