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Genomics 101 E-book

A free handbook to the entire genomics workflow

Genomic technology is more accessible than ever. “But it’s not that easy” I hear you say. The tools are cheaper, easier to use, and more powerful, but knowing how and where to start is probably also more confusing than ever.

This is where this educational guide comes in. Genomics is moving at such a rapid pace that finding easy-to-understand explanations are hard to come by. This handbook will help ease the adoption of genomic technology in your own lab, and understand how NGS fits into the clinic. With leading technology companies, we’ve put together the Genomics 101 as a guided tour through the world of human genomics. 

What does it cover? Understand the questions that you can use genomics to ask, the platforms available to you, and how they work. Everything from exploring DNA micro-arrays, Next Generation Sequencing, and turning data into something clinically useful…


In response to the overwhelming demand for more, we are working on the next three to guide you through the world of human genomics. 

Gene Editing 101
    An introduction to Gene Editing, the uses and applications of CRISPR, and the ethical considerations of the technology.
Data Analysis 101
    An introduction to genomics data analysis and management, and the technologies making genomics possible.
Clinical Genomics 101
    An updated and expanded version of our previous Genomics 101, taking sequencing all the way from sample collection to clinical reports. 

You can receive these guides in digital format for free, make sure you’re up to speed –enter your details below and you''ll be taken to a page where you can access the entire Genomics 101 for yourself in PDF form.

Genomics 101

Genomics 101