Festival Genomics

Exhibit/ Sponsor

Benefits of exhibiting

A live event remains the most effective way to fulfill a multitude of business functions over a short time period.

Whether you are new to the genomics market or an established player, we can help you realize your specific marketing needs.

Five things you will accomplish at the Festival of Genomics San Diego:

•    Generate new leads and business by tapping into an audience of over 1200 potential customers
•    Strengthen existing customer relationships with face to face meetings
•    Tap into the Festival content to develop a greater understanding of your customer’s needs for the next year
•    Generate buzz by demonstrating product features in a vibrant, live environment
•    Raise your company profile through a variety of different platforms and activities before, during and after the Festival  

Plus a bonus!
•    Extend your exposure beyond the two days of the show by taking advantage of our extended marketing campaign 

Sponsoring and Exhibiting at the Festival

Sponsoring and exhibiting at the Festival offers a unique interactive playground for lead generation and engagement. We combine a vibrant exhibition area with unbeatable networking "activities" – not just “opportunities” (as you most likely get offered endlessly!).

Meet genomic experts, representing biopharma, academia and healthcare at the Festival in June.

The Festival is packed with focused tracks of content, topped by visionary plenary talks. The theaters themselves are even built on the actual show floor. Add to that the other show floor attractions – which will keep the footfall around your booth high.

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