Festival Genomics

Exhibit/ Sponsor

Benefits of exhibiting

A live event remains the best way to fulfill a multitude of business functions over a short time period cost effectively.
Whether you are new to the Genomics market or an established player, we can provide you with the means to realise your specific marketing needs

Ten things to accomplish at the Festival of Genomics San Diego.
•    Generate fresh leads and new business from an audience of 1200
•    Meet with existing customers and remind them of why they chose you
•    Show off your products and services in a live environment
•    Conduct face-to-face meetings with many potential customers in a short space of time
•    Keep an eye on what your competitors are doing
•    Raise your company profile and build your market share
•    Network with a genomics focused audience 
•    Launch new products and services into the market
•    Participate in the new event experience where everything happens under one roof
•    Tap into the opportunity that San Diego offers as the Genomics Capital of the USA

Plus a bonus!
•    Extend your exposure beyond the two-days of the show by taking advantage of our extended marketing campaign 

Want to do all this and more, contact our team: