Festival Genomics


1. What is a Festival?

It’s the very best genomics has to offer, all under one roof. Geneticists, chemists, molecular biologists, clinicians, pathologists, bioinformaticians, physicians, entrepreneurs, regulators, and just about anyone who generates, uses or seeks answers in genomic data.

Just like other great Festivals, it’s not just about our headliners and stage acts, but the full range of activities around the site that give that Festival feeling and make the experience memorable. Introducing some of the more unusual elements opens the door to an atmosphere of fun and informality which makes striking up a conversation with your peers effortless. And more than that, actually fun!

Check out a bit more about the Festivals and our Festival Values.

2. Is there an option to present a poster?

Of course – we have a dedicated Poster Zone as well as dedicated sessions in the agenda for you to display your work. If that wasn't all enough to excite you, there's even a chance for you to win our poster prize. You can find out more information here by visiting our Present a Poster page. Just a moment though - as the Festival is free to attend there is a small charge of $45 to present your poster. You can add this to your package when you register online.

3. What does my Festival ticket include?

Your Festival ticket allows you full access to the two main days of the Festival (June 26th & 27th). Your ticket also entitles you to join us for the networking drinks reception at the end of the first day. Your ticket does not include food or drink (except water) but there will be lots of affordable, exciting catering options within the Festival for you to feast upon! Your ticket does not include accommodation – but we have secured a series of discounts you can take advantage of in the hotels near to the Convention Center. See Venue, Travel and Accommodation for more details. 

5. How do I get to the Festival?

Whether you've coming from far afield (we don't blame you, sunny San Diego, yes please!), or you're a local, we have full details of how you can get to the convention center, as well as where you can stay (and how much you can save!) - on our Venue, Travel and Accommodation page.