Festival Genomics


How much power should patients hold?

Jun 27, 2017
Knowledge Hub A
Track: Personalizing Medicine
  • How can we, as a society, do a better job of empowering patients and what are the key roadblocks that could be alleviated? 
  • What sort of challenges within government trying to implement the vision of crowdsourcing evidence in order to empower consumers?
  • How do we balance liberty - such as letting patients order own lab tests - and safety - the consequences of misinterpreting life-altering data?
  • What emerging patient-facing technologies are most likely to impact health?
Taha Kass-Hout, Co-Founder - Kass-Hout Consulting
David Dimmock, Medical Director, Genomics Institute - RCHSD
David Shaywitz, CMO - DNAnexus
Jennifer Hall, Chief, Institute for Precision Cardiovascular Medicine - American Heart Association
Nicole Russell, Parent & Patient Advocate - Russell Family