The event is now over, thank you to everyone who participated and attended. 

Our next stop will be Boston, head over to the new website to find out more.

The west coast genomics community came together on June 26-27 to get inspired and informed on the latest updates in the genomics field. 

There was over 70 thought leaders contributing their insights to a variety of topics. Take a look at some of the key themes below that were explored at this year's Festival! 

Precision Therapies

How is genomics powering drug development from hunting and validating new targets in discovery to making the most of 'omic data in clinical development?

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‘Effective target hunting and validation for the genomic explorer’
Join the discussion with GNF, Roche, Mirati Therapeutics  & Landsteiner Scientific to explore the virtuous cycle of in depth molecular data and the search for better medicines.

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Research and Development

What will our gene edited future look like? Can we transform techniques in single cell analysis, CRISPR and difficult samples to unlock the transformative power of genomics?

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‘How to genetically engineer a human in your garage’
The Altius Institute, the Odin, Locana and Poseida Therapeutics ask how easy is it to express a foreign gene in a human and explore the complex ethics around DIY biology.

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Enabling Data

From advanced analytical approaches to best practices for integrating multi 'omic data at scale.

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‘How are data science and machine learning transforming biology?’
Join Google Brain, Human Longevity, Stanford University and UCSD as we delve into how to hack through the data jungle in style.

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Personalizing Medicine

How can we align perspectives in healthcare and readdress the balance of power to ensure we don’t fail patients?

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“Failure in the system” how state newborn screening impact families”
One mother shares her story on the impact when screening fails and why families decide to stand up and fight for change.  

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This year's speakers include


  • The Festival of Genomics offers a great opportunity not only to share my science with people from broad backgrounds but also to learn from people from diverse fields of study.
    Amy Heidersbach
    Sr Scientific Researcher, Genentech
  • I’m interested in this festival because this meeting encourages interdisciplinary collaborations to pursue a common goal of accelerating genomics based discovery and therapeutics development.
    Ranjan Batra
    Postdoctoral Fellow, UCSD
  • San Diego is a hotbed of science and medical technology with local economic impact and international impact on human health. I am excited to share my contribution to this vibrant community!
    David Nelles
    CTO, Locana
  • I have heard great things about the festival and its collaborative and community spirit, so I’m very happy to participate and have the opportunity to interact with fellow scientists and clinicians
    John Lamb
    Director of Genetics, GNF
  • This is a great way to make a connection with other individuals in the field and understand diverse perspectives on the future of this area of research.
    James Christensen
    CSO and SVP Research, Mirati Therapeutics
  • I am really glad and honoured to have being invited to participate in this festival. Last year, I had seen on my Twitter a feed about how the festival was, sadly, it had already passed and I couldn’t participate, so I got really excited when I was invited to participate in a panel , specially because I can get to know top people in the field of genomics and share the efforts we are making in this field in my country.
    Roselyn Lemus
    Manager of Drug Development and Genomic Research, Landsteiner Scientific
  • San Diego’s biotech culture is open and collaborative. The festival can foster bringing likeminded people together in a relaxed yet stimulating atmosphere. Focusing on interactions via panel discussions, highlighting interests and experience will likely lead to new collaborative efforts. My particular interest is to expand my network of colleagues and support new engagements in drug and diagnostic developments routed in personalized medicine.
    Felix W. Frueh
    Executive Partner, Opus Three LLC
  • The community that gathers at the Festival of Genomics represents a unique opportunity to build relationships, create collaborations, learn, and brainstorm potential solutions to the most important issues in biologic sciences and pharmaceutical industry.
    Jamie Dananberg
    CMO, UNITY Biotechnology
  • The festival presents a great opportunity for the scientific community and enthusiasts to discuss the state-of-the-art in genomics, the role of data science in biology and the significant role data-driven genomics will have in personalized healthcare in the near future.
    Anshul Kundaje
    Assistant Professor, Stanford University
  • I am honored to be a part of the Festival of Genomics, San Diego, to help bring the clinical benefits of genomics and proteomics to patients and to advance the awareness and development of “omics” diagnostics and prognostics to improve healthcare for millions of patients worldwide.
    Rhonda Rhyne
    President, Prevencio
  • Last year’s attendee list included many people I admire in the field and I look forward to interacting with them all at this year’s event.
    Mark dePristo
    Head of Deep Learning for Genetics and Genomics, Google Brain Team
  • Because this festival bring minds together focused on genomics.
    Enrique Velazquez
    Postdoctoral Scholar, Rady Children's Hospital
  • I had a positive experience at the meeting last year
    Susie Stephens
    Senior Director, Oncology & Vaccines R&D BT, Pfizer
  • I’m passionate about the idea of open data, data sharing, and collaboration to better our understanding or disease and impacting health. The festival brings people together and strengthen the core commitment to precision medicine and population health in a transparent way. It's the intersection of everything I studied for and practiced over the past two decades.
    Taha Kass-Hout
    Co-Founder, Kass-Hout Consulting
  • Excited to join a community who appreciates both the incredibly opportunity genomics affords, but also the distance that must still be traversed for the science to achieve the impact that’s possible.
    David A. Shaywitz
    CMO, DNANexus
  • I am very excited to be attending my first festival of genomics! I’ve seen highlights from previous events through Front Line Genomics publications. I am looking forward to contributing to and being a part of the energy, knowledge sharing, and collaboration that these events foster, and is essential to the realization of precision medicine.
    Laura Parham
    Associate Scientific Director Genomic Medicine, Parexel International



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